SVMH Risen To Shine - (aka Risen)


Amberfields Luminescence x JMF Twist Of Fatebuckskin colt
 - AMHA No. 191375

SVMH Risen To Shine

"Risen" is the first foal of our breeding program bred by Sue Olson, (Rafter Bar D Morgans) in the USA. It was my personal initiation as a breeder to witness his delivery by his dam, Fate and he was only 20 minutes "late" to be the first ever Morgan horse to be born in Hungary…  Risen became my heart horse and so much would have liked to keep him, but after a great deal of hesitation we eventually have decided to offer him for sale. 
He is looking for his perfectly matching human partner and forever home to give him all the attention, love, care and fun he deserves!

We are extremely happy with him, he is a breeder's dream! He is beautifully built, shows great Morgan type with the most athletic movement that he inherited from both parents. He has the sweetest temperament, blessed with a very friendly, animated personality and has been such a pleasure to be around from day one. Risen loves people of all ages, and last, but not least has a striking buckskin color!


                                                              (Risen as a yearling in the spring of 2017)

Risen was born at 22.30h on Resurrection Sunday, and was up on his feet within minutes trying his strong legs and nursing immediately - so in more than one way he is our "risen boy"... :)

He is  colt that would make any breeder happy! His disposition is really proving to be just like his father, being very easy-going, extremely friendly and social. He leads, ties and stands for the trimmer patiently, loves to play, and now has occupied his own paddock next to Lumi, his dad. He is adopting really well to being on his own taking it all in his stride…! 

Risen is growing into a stunning young stallion starting his more "formal" training doing groundwork. He is also looking for his forever home and the best human partner for life!

Risen 2017

                                                  (Risen is 1,5 years old in the autumn of 2017)

Watch this video clip telling a bit of the story about his first year of life:

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Risen face 2

Risen trimming

                                                                          (Risen as a 2-year old in March 2018)


Dam: JMF Twist of Fate / AMHA No. 0170861

(2002, 14,3h) heterozygous black (Ee), with Beamington and Immortal Command in her bloodline just to name a few...

Sire: Amberfields Luminescence / AMHA No. 177512

(2007, 15,2h) double dilute, dapple creme metallic coat, green eyes, heavily Flyhawk bred, 99,2% foundation

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